Media Ministry

Outreach through First UMC Media Ministry

Our plans to enhance and improve our church’s outreach through our Media Ministry is ongoing at First UMC with our technology to reaching not only our local community, congregation, but also everyone around the world shaing the Good News and Happenings at our church!

Our new equipment is located in the balcony allowing us to gather the images and combine them with lyrics and liturgy to help the online viewer move from being a spectator to being actively engaged in worship. A Media Team has been formed to handle all the audiovisual needs of the church. Again, we thank EVERYONE who is currently serving the church from “The Balcony.” This “Balcony Team” oversees the following three areas: Sound, PowerPoint and Video. These are all very important aspects and elements of our worship and our outreach ministry.

Our team needs members who will be committed and flexible, willing to learn to be cross trained. If you feel that you can be a part of this important team, please give the church office a call. This very important ministry affects every worship service attendee, those present and those present online.

Please contact Rev. Malcolm Monroe or Kelli at the church office at (936) 598-2707 for details on how you can join the First UMC Media Team!