Message from Pastor Karen Jones

January 14, 2019

Dear Friends,

I want to thank you for your prayers for Martin, me and our family as Martin was in the hospital. His body was simply worn out and I was blessed to be with him in his last days and moments on this earth. We made the decision together that living on the vent was not living and that entering into the glory of God was far better than anything else this life could offer. I am so glad that most of you got to know Martin. He was blessed by knowing you!

I continue to be overwhelmed at your outpouring of love as so many of you attended Martin’s memorial service. You have sent virtual hugs, cards and food that have blessed and continue to bless us. I thank you for your patience with my being away so much during the last month. It was so strange not to be with you on Christmas Eve. I have a new appreciation for “no room in the inn” as I spent that night trying to sleep in the ICU waiting room. God has used my time away to teach me some things I‘ll share along the way. I feel like I am on a pilgrimage of sorts as God works out what my life will look like as I lean more on Him and draw near to Him. (I wrote to you several weeks ago about drawing near to God. I believe there is something in that idea that we all need to embrace as individuals, couples, families and as a church family…more to come on that later, too!)

I continue to give thanks for our staff who have stepped up and in to fill the void of my being away. Chris and Sarah did more than I could have expected in conducting the Hanging of the Greens and Christmas Eve services. A HUGE thank you to Ann Grant and her Altar Guild for all they did behind the scenes to make sure everything came off without a hitch. Thanks to the committees that have continued their work without missing a step.

You bless me beyond what words can express. As the Paul wrote, “I give thanks to God every time I think of you!” Let us continue on our service to our Lord, through His church, so that it might be said of us, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”