Messages from Pastor Karen Jones



October 3, 2017

Dona Nobis Pacem? This Latin phrase simply means Grant us Peace. We will be singing these words as our going forth each Sunday in October. It is a beautiful prayer and one badly needed now. Peace seems to be in short supply if you listen to the news. As we get ready for poultry festival, football, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, peace can be a rare commodity. Yet, Jesus told his followers that they would receive HIS peace. Dona Nobis Pacem is my prayer for each of you.


A Time to Be Silent ~ David O. Rankin

There must be a time when we cease speaking to be fully present with ourselves.

There must be a time when we exclude clamor by listening to nothing whatsoever.

There must be a time when we forgo our plans as if we had no plans at all.

There must be a time when we abandon conceits and tap into a deeper wisdom.

There must be a time when we stop striving and find the peace within.


September 26, 2017

How is your $2 seed growing that you got in worship 2 weeks ago? More importantly, how are you growing? I am not talking about growing in height or girth… that’s meddlin’! I am talking about growing in your relationships and your faith? How are you growing spiritually? What are you doing to insure that this growth takes place? We have always offered Sunday School and pastor-led Bible studies through the church. 50 years ago, that was enough. But the world’s pressures on individuals and families has changed and we need to change to meet the demands of our members and community. We need to find new ways to grow and we need to find new ways to reach out to our neighbors. To that end, the Church Council has approved the formation of GROW GROUPS. These groups are in addition to Sunday School and traditional Bible study; although Bible study may be a part of these groups. These groups are laity led— started and run by members of the congregation. I will be glad to provide resources and help to any one wanted to start a group. There are excellent resources out there! What might this look like? It will be as varied as the needs and interests of our congregation! Maybe your life is so busy with travel that you need an on-line group that gets together virtually to check in with one another. Maybe you and your friends love to do yoga and you are looking for an excuse to do that. You invite your friends to join you and you share one another’s concerns and joys and pray together as well. Although there are several reading groups in town, perhaps you want to start a new group that reads faith-based or socially relevant books to stretch you. Maybe you start a dinner group that includes friends from inside and outside the church where you so a study or pray for one another. The list goes on! Cindy A. is starting The Walkie Talkies! This group will meet to walk together for exercise and as a spiritual discipline as well as praying together. Watch for a start date to be announced soon. How do you envision yourself being a part of this new ministry? How can I help you get started?