Agape Church – Mezcales, Mexico


January 14, 2021

Our donation for Christmas gifts for the children of Agape Church in Mezcales, Mexico, brought joy to 63 children and their families. Our total expenditure for gifts was $1259.42, almost exactly $20 per child! Friends who visited me in Mexico donated to pay for gift bags, cards, and small toys to add to the bags. The children were excited to receive personalized cards written in English!

December 17, 2020

From Polly Montemayor, First UMC Missions Chair: “Many, many thanks to those who wrote cards and made donations to purchase Christmas gifts for the children of Agape Church. We blessed 62 children with toys like they have never imagined. Their Sunday school lesson was about God’s gift of love to his children and we were able to show them an illustration of Christians’ love for one another. They were as excited about their personal cards written in English as they were by the gifts! May God bless you all for your generosity.”